There is so much to share what God has done at Iglesia Vida since we launched in April of 2010.   The most recent highlight was the Christmas Posada we had at Chandler High School on December 18th.

I am so proud of our team and the volunteers from Cornerstone Christian Fellowship for the hard work they put into this event.  Great job guys!  We had between 500 – 600 people show up for the Posada.  The event was open to the community and we saw a great response.

The Posada consisted of food (tamales, hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, ponche – a Mexican hot fruit punch, champurrado –  Mexican hot chocolate) games and crafts for the kids, breaking piñatas, live music, Christmas carols, a Christmas story drama, and a Christmas present for every child.   We made an invitation so that the people would come back on Sunday, and as a result, we had an attendance of 215 and 13 confirmed decisions for Christ on Sunday!  God is so good!

Click here to view pictures of the 2010 Christmas Posada.  

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