Our main goal right now, is to go to a morning service

We have been meeting at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship for some time now, trying to build our team.  I really don’t want to do a morning service without having the teams we need to get the church up and running every Sunday.

Currently we meet at 1:45pm, which makes it little difficult for a couple of reasons:

1.) 1:45 ish is around Siesta time for most Hispanics!

2.) The time, Is not as convenient as it would be in the morning.

3.) Normally we have to wait to do set up in the space we meet, if CS has a “small church” or class going on. 

4.) We have to be out of there by 3pm before the evening service at CS, or else the “noise” we make will go thru the walls!  We meet in a room adjacent to the main worship center!

When it’s time to do a morning service, we will have to find a place to meet off campus, due to the unavailable space and time.  Cornerstone’s growth has been amazing that the need for space is desperately needed!

Our target group is within a few miles, so we are looking at a few places nearby.  There are a few schools available to meet in and a few other options.

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