I spent practically the whole day at the Wired Churches Conference on Monday hosted by Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, AZ.  


I was able to bring along 3 members of my team, and spent time talking about how we can create a life-giving experience for those who have never stepped inside of a church, or have had a “bad” experience in a church, or just have a bad perception of the church.  


There are not that many “Hispanic” local churches out there, at least that I know of, who are trying to do this.


This is ONE of the reasons why we started Iglesia Vida.  Anyway, we split up at the conference to attend the 3 different sessions.  I attended the “Simply Strategic Volunteers” session, two other team members attended the “First Impressions” session, and my wife attended the “Communications” session.


During lunch, we had a good discussion as to how we could apply these principles within the Hispanic local church.  It was awesome!


Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor of GCC
Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor of GCC


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