In the next couple of days and weeks, I’ll begin to share with you the journey we’ve been on in starting a Hispanic church in the U.S. 

But, to get things started, let me give you a quick, in a nutshell, background of who I am.  

I was born in Houston, but grew up in El Paso, a border town with Mexico in west Texas.  After graduating high school, I joined the U.S. Marines, and spent the next 4 years serving my country.  After the Marines, I went to school and graduated from a technical college, and got hired by Intel, the computer chip maker, and moved to Arizona.  A couple of months later, I married my wife, whom I’ve had met a couple of years before.  Since then, I’ve been living in Arizona for the past 10yrs and let me tell you that it’s been the ride of my life!  

During these past ten years, I’ve discovered God’s calling on my life, and have been through a LONG process of personal and spiritual growth!  God has allowed me to connect with awesome pastors who are leading life-giving churches, and have witnessed first hand what it’s like to “launch” a church from scratch! 

I’ve been there.  I’ve done “set up” and “tear down”.  I’ve been part of teams.  I’ve seen how it’s all come together.  I’ve seen what “Grand Opening Day” looks like, and the people that have shown up by the hundreds to these new church plants.

It’s been an awesome experience for my wife and I, who’s also been part of this journey.  And, well, now it’s our turn.  To live this dream, of giving birth to a life-giving church.  I thank God for all the people He’s put in our lives to coach and mentor us.  One day, I know I’ll be doing the same!

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