I dream of the day when like minded Hispanic churches will come together to launch other churches for the Kingdom of God.   Almost two years ago, my good friend Josh Barrett launched the Church of Celebration in Maricopa, Arizona.   

He launched at the local high school on a Sunday.  It was awesome to see other sister churches from Vision Arizona come together and help launch his church.  I saw people from Rock Point Church, Sun Valley Community Church, The Rock Eternal, Cornerstone, and a few others come together to help the Church of Celebration get up and running.   

Everyone was there setting up chairs, helping in the children’s ministry, people greeting newcomers; people were just serving.  As the service began, a thought ran across my mind, “I hope one day Hispanics will have the same mindset when launching new churches.”  “That we can come together and help birth a new church’’.  

It was an awesome experience to see everything come together.  God made it happen thru like minded churches who understand that when we work together to reach the lost, many lives are impacted with the love of Christ.   

That is my dream.  One day it will happen!  For His Glory!

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